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Green&Community Eco Bio Liquid

Solve your waste water treatment problems by eliminating offensive odors and reducing sludge.

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Characteristics: Absolutely no chemicals have been used. Since it is made entirely from naturally derived substances, it is harmless to humans or animals even after it exits the facility. Effect: Elimination of offensive odors from processing facilities. Reduction of amount of sludge. Since it is instilled before the screen, offensive screen smells are reduced, and simplifying cleaning. Sludge adhesion to facility bottom or other surfaces is greatly reduced. Facility maintenance is made easier, reducing costs.
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Eco Bio Liquid is a water waste treatment bio liquid made only from naturally derived substances such as microbial enzymes, plant enzymes, minerals and cauterization agents. Usage: Eco Bio Liquid should be diluted to 5 ppm for the amount of liquid to be processed, and instilled into the processing facility.

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