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Industry&Technology Next Generation Healing Coat, Cross Guard

We can make that flaw disapper

The flaw on the products in-use will reduce the value of the product dramatically. Our "cross guard" next-generational flaw repair paint will solve this problem. It has the spiral molecular architecture inside the painting menbrane to absorb the shock gently and bounce back. With this structure, the surface of the object will be kept smooth and beautiful.

strong point of product
The flaw repair paint was existed before, but it was never applied to general products because it is too expensive and difficult to paint technologically. We not only solve those two problems but also offer the next-generational flaw repair paint with the flaw prevention function. The price of paint would be about one tenth of existing paint. Actual paint can correspond to every kind of material becuase we operate the process inside our facility. We use clear paint with antifouling property which can flick the dirt 20-100 times more to be able to applicable to any color. Glossy finish and mat finish both available.
delivery record
high-end grassframe (domestic brand), sandle parts (domestic brand), high-end cigarette lighter (oversea brand)
purpose of use,
business category,
degradation prevention of polycarbonat, scratch prevention of plastic products, scratch prevention and fouling prevention of daily commodities

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