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Industry&Technology Autonomous Decentralized Bearing 

The innovative change in the 500 years of history of bearing enabled the balls to decentralize autonomously

strong point of product
Conventional solutions to reducing the wear of bearings it was to reduce sliding friction by using lubricants or improving the retainer. Autonomous Decentralized Bearing (ADB) has no retainer and no contacts between the balls, thus there will be no sliding friction and less wear even without lubricant. (Patent Nos. 3964926, 5320547) For example, we are proposing ADB for use in the pitch bearing of a wind power generator to resolve the problem of cracks in the lock and outer ring due to clashes between the balls.
purpose of use,
business category,
To replace malfunctioning bearings that have short lifecycles or break down easily (including bad rolling, slips, etc.) Use these bearings where you want to increase speed or load performance, with water lubrication or no lubrication.

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    Autonomous Decentralized Bearing

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