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Health&Welfare High-functional socks / supporter brand "Econo leg" product

socks and supporters which will help for better health and suppot the decreasing function of leg in daily activities.

"econo leg varie plus" : We have used polyurethane rubber (newly patented technology ) to the crucial area and apply non-slip technology by interweaving on surface and back to enhance grip ability. This non-slip/taping socks will reduce the fatigue during the activities like sports thanks to the non-slip function. The other developed product is made of string which is produced during the porduction process of Yoshino kuzu (Nara native). We have combined this string with organic cotten when we make Japanese paper and mix them together. This porducts are very light and have high moisture absorbency, put out humid to keep your comfort. Some might think it will be weak for water because it is made of paper, but this fabric is stronger and ideal for Japanese summer with high-temperature and humidity. We have strictly used local material and have done production and sold them locally.

strong point of product
"econo leg varie plus" is the socks which has interweaven non-slip function and tape-knitting high grip ability by using the newly patented technology. This is ideal for sport, trecking and hiking because you don't feel tired with this socks. The traditional socks has non-slip function only at the sole so the feet are moving inside the socks. With this new technology, The socks are interweaved so as to stop the moving between feet and socks and socks and shoes. This is very flatlly weaved, you can feel very natural feeling and grip. Kuzu calico are made of rejection waste of Yoshino kuzu while making Japanese paper and made them to string. So it is strikingly eco friendly material. It is light weight and has high water-absorbability and quick dry property. It can cope with high technical sports socks in its function. We are also very original because we use the unique original material of Nara prefecture which no major manufacturer can find. We have a lot of advantages comparing with other high technical fabric and also have a brand story to tell.
delivery record
non-slip /taping socks "econo leg varie" - easy to walk, free from tiring. For this socks, we received a chairman prize of Nara prefecture at Institute of Invention and Innovation of Kinki area in 2014. We had a sales result of 100,000 pieces for three years through our affiliate companies by mail-order system. This is our best selling products. Kuzu calico is new product using natural paper fabric with kuzu paper material. This is very new so there is no sales result.
purpose of use,
business category,
econo leg varie is the socks which is good for sports and other activities because you don't feel tired wearing them. Kuzu calico is for daily use. We would like to propose this porducts for people looking for high quality life together by intorducing the brand history and natural taste. We would like to appeal our casually tailored brand history and formality. Products are socks, supporter, arm cover. For individual customer, retailer, mail-order.