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Business Mentor


Business Mentor CorpWeb-site

AIOS Gotanda bldg.,1-10-7,Higashigotanda,Shinagawaku,Tokyo,Japan  TEL: +81-362158332

enterprise identification number:2020001041510

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We have carried out system development mainly for electronic documents (PDF), and we have conducted contract development of packages compliant with the Japanese e-Document Law upon request from a major company starting from the planning stage. By carrying out the development requested by the customer implementing this system, we have accumulated an extensive amount of know-how. “Brownie for Stamper", which we will be exhibiting at this trade show, is a convenient and safe tool that is easy to use. It allows users to carry out the affixing of seals, which used to be done on paper documents (visualization of approval), on a web browser. Our product has been certified by the “2014 Tokyo Trial Order Certification System". We believe it will contribute to the systematization of the approval and seal affixing process on paper documents, which has been raised as one of the obstacles to introducing “various ways of working regardless of location" that is currently being advanced by the Japanese government.


電子書類の信頼性を高めるWeb捺印システム『Brownie for Stamper』

「膨大な量の保存、さらに検索性が悪いなど、アナログなビジネス書類にはデメリットもたくさんあります。それでも電子化できない原因の一つに承認のための捺印がありました。弊社ではさまざまな書類を電子化するためのサービスを提供しており、捺印の問題を解決するのが『Brownie for Stamper』です。いつ、誰が、どんな形で捺印したかなどを文書の中に履歴で残すことができるため、電子化しても捺印の信頼性を高めることができます。これにより電子書類を正本としてお取り扱いいただけるようになります」 (代表取締役/小柳治朗)

Business Mentor | Information:Products,Technologies,Services

  • Product 1

    Web seal affixing system “Brownie for Stamper”

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  • Product 2

    Web seal system “Brownie for Stamper”

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