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Health&Welfare Electric-Magnetic Treatment Device

Improvement of blood circulation through alternating magnetism

strong point of product
We wish that everyone from youth to the elderly (who are increasing in number in Japan) to be able to continue living healthy and wholesome lives. Because blood circulation is very important for life, we hope to contribute to people leading vibrant lives by improving their blood circulation through magnetism.
purpose of use,
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This is a treatment device that relieves stiffness by improving the blood circulation of the area that comes in contact with the device. When you turn the power on, it generates a magnetic field in which the N pole and S pole move in substitution 60 times in 60 Hz regions and 50 times in 50 Hz regions. The device can generate a powerful magnetism that reaches deep into the body using this moving magnetic field. It helps you relieve even the stiffness deep in your body that you couldn’t reach in the past. We recommend that you use this device on the area that concerns you for 30 minutes per treatment, at least three times a day.