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Health&Welfare The・FUTON

cushion for reducing sitting pressure by using air. We tried to make sitting pressure almost zero (nothing) by changing the arrangement of air bags. Everyone can adjust the sitting pressure by changing the quantity of air according to one's weight or position in analog form. Generally even when sitting in the comfortable chair, one feel some sitting pressure. Since we have set up non-pressure zone, you don't feel sitting pressure around your tailbone area. It can be highly useful for hemmorhoidal patients or women in their period.

strong point of product
It is thin and light because it uses air. The lightest portable type is only 150g which fits in the bag. Some types are detatchable to carry around in the bag. Usual air cushion uses the stereoscopic air bags which is ill-suited for carrying. You can do several actions at the same time with back and forth or left and right motion. By this function, since you don't need to stand up to do something, the pressrue to the capillary vessel of the legs will be reduced. This products doesn't have an ability of pervic correction but it will reduce the bottoming. Price range are \4,000 - \15,000. You can choose from four types according to the purposes. We can correspond to OEM.
delivery record
office use - 70 pieces / nursing care center - 20 pieces / professional driver - 10 pieces / student - 1- pieces
purpose of use,
business category,
University : at class room, at sports event Office use: women office workers (women's pervis is bigger so easy to be distorted) Food service industry: for party (long sitting hours) Private tutoring school: efficiency up of student (more comfortable) Taxi drivers: less sitting pressure, better habitability in the cab Theater: less sitting pressure, Nursing care center : better sitting condition for residents (waiting for the approval from techno-aid approval)

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