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Industry&Technology MS Coating

Electric discharge surface treatment “MS Coating”

strong point of product
An example of applying MS Coating for thick film is using high temperature wear-resistant alloy material as a substitute for buildup welding for the interlock portion of turbine blades (low pressure turbine blades) on jet engines for aircrafts. When building up through welding, it is necessary to conduct welding after pretreatment and correct the shape by cutting excess thickness, etc. However, with MS Coating, you can locally build up the necessary dimensions over the required range, so it eliminates almost all pre- and post-treatment. Furthermore, in processes using conventional welding, the welding process is conducted outside of the line, because it cannot be inserted into the flow line, but MS Coating is a technology that can be easily incorporated into the line, allowing you to significantly reduce time for completion and costs. This technology causes no thermal warping.
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TA Coating, which is suitable for improving durability and wear resistance, is excellent for jigs and tools, blades, collet chucks, etc., realizing longer life through local coating. SA Coating is suitable for parts with corrosion resistance and erosion resistance properties, and as the protective coat for laser marking.