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Health&Welfare Wearable checker for early symptoms of heat stroke, capable of measuring systemic perspiration amount

Wearable heat stroke symptom checker that can measure systemic perspiration amount

strong point of product
We have developed a product that allows visual quantification of perspiration amount by non-invasive color reaction of skin secretions. The wearable heat stroke symptom checker that we are currently developing is worn on the forearm and it measures the systemic perspiration amount. Based on that, it tells users how much hydration is necessary. It does not feel uncomfortable when wearing it, so it does not obstruct work. There are no products like it in Japan or abroad, and it is currently patent pending.
purpose of use,
business category,
The wearable device is shaped like a wristband and is worn on the forearm. It allows users to constantly check their systemic perspiration amount while working. An alarm rings when the perspiration amount reaches a certain level. It also comes with a communication module that allows managers and supervisors to be aware of the biological information of multiple workers at all times. There are no other products like it in Japan or anywhere around the world. We will be displaying a prototype of the device.