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38-1, Nakanishino,Osumi,Kyotanabeshi,, Kyoto, Japan TEL: +81-774630018

enterprise identification number : 5130001038740

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Glass tube, precision thin tube, thin tube cutting, precision cutting, gas burner processing, and other parts

The glass tube is transparent and strong to heat.

strong point of product
Pipe processing is highly difficult in any material, particularly in glass tube. The material of glass tube belongs to hard brittle materila, so please consult us with other materials rather than glass material only.
delivery record
Electronics related, biotechnology, aerospace development, biology ? medical ? medicine ? medicine, parts for original products of small and medium shops, repair of items of personal memories
purpose of use,
business category,
We meet the requests starting from small amount; such as, the quantity for only for the customer's original products and parts. It is obviously welcomed for us to receive the orders of large quantity, as well.

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    Glass tube, Glass processing

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