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Health&Welfare Antibacterial Soft Contact Lens Using Photocatalytic Reaction

Next-generation soft contact lens that does not require a disinfectant solution

strong point of product
Patent pending (Patent Application No.: 2015-41429) While the common disinfecting method for soft contact lenses is currently chemical disinfection, a rise in eye troubles is becoming a social problem due to its weak sterilizing power and insufficient disinfection because of the complexity of the procedures. In response to this situation, we have developed a product that realizes high sterilizing power in simple disinfection procedures by using the photocatalytic reaction of titanium oxide. We expect to reduce eye troubles caused by insufficient disinfection.
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First, you take off the Antibacterial Soft Contact Lens, and then you put it in a special lens case filled with a saline solution. After that, you irradiate the lens with UV light in the attached UV irradiator. You can sterilize the lens just by irradiating it with UV light for several hours. You don’t need to use the general disinfectant solution for soft contact lenses, and you can use the Antibacterial Soft Contact Lens repeatedly until the replacement date.