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Industry&Technology OOYADYEDSTONE

One and only view that rock of Oya stome will produce

Oya dyed stone is made by taking advantage of the natural characteristics of Oya stone with the original production technology. Each product is hand made that express one and only coloring and texuture of which each cross section produces. It will produce the special space as interior material for household and shops.

strong point of product
We made it possible to mix the new expression of Oya stone and its original efficacy. The efficacy of Oya stone is that 25% of Oya stone is zeolite component and it adjusts the autonomic nervous and enhance immune system. It is effective for prevention of sick house syndrome and odor elimination with the characteristic of adsorbing water and gas which is the property of porous structure.
delivery record
It is used as interior material for residential and restaurants
purpose of use,
business category,
We anticipate the use as the interior materials of luxuary homes and shops.