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Industry&Technology e-SaaS for Biz

You can safely carry out work whenever you want, wherever you are

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At Earth System, we offer e-SaaS, a work operations cloud service for SMEs. This cloud service includes the minimum functions required for SMEs such as sales management, purchasing management, inventory management, attendance management, and schedule management. Because Earth System carries out everything from the design, development, to operational support of the system, we can handle your requests quickly, flexibly, and at low cost. As e-SaaS is a Web browser-based system, you can start using it immediately for work operations in your current online environment, such as Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Chrome.
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business category,
e-SaaS for Biz is a cloud service for sales management, purchasing management, and inventory management. Currently, companies in various industries are using e-SaaS for Biz, including ・Wholesale businesses (furniture, fruits, fish processing), ・Manufacturing businesses (pharmaceuticals, electronic devices, food, chemicals), ・Warehouse businesses, ・IT service businesses. In terms of sales operations, e-SaaS for Biz handles everything from quotation creation, receiving orders, sales, billing, to accounts receivable management. In terms of purchasing operations, e-SaaS for Biz handles everything from order processing, to supplier and accounts payable management. In terms of inventory management, e-SaaS for Biz not only links with sales and purchasing, but can also be used solely for inventory management. Depending on the series, e-SaaS for Biz also handles requirement calculation as well as subscription sales and lot management.