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Industry&Technology Transparent color coating agent for coloring windowpane

The view outside of your glass window will turn blue! It also features UV ray protection and thermal insulation properties!

strong point of product
Windows are conventionally colored by attaching a colored film on them. But the film is soft so it easily gets scratches. It also gradually oxidizes and deteriorates through continuous exposure to ultraviolet rays. But our product forms a coating comprising mainly of silicon atoms and oxygen atoms, which are inorganic just like glass, so it is harder for it to get scratches and it features greater resistance against oxidization and deterioration.
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By spraying the coating on window glass, the glass can be colored while maintaining transparency. There are three types of colors: blue, green and brown. The view outside of the window will be tinted in these colors, producing a stylish space. The coating also cuts ultraviolet rays, so it prevents the fading of color of furniture and flooring inside the room. In addition, it also has thermal insulation effects, so it can reduce the A/C power consumption during summer, helping save energy.

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