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Industry&Technology Solid free

"solid free" plastic of which shape is freely changed at 60℃. New trend for the workplace improvement

"solid free" is the plastic of which shape is freely changed at 60℃. The shape can be changed with hot water or the heat of hair dryer. You can make protection cover for devices and scratch-resistant material by your own hand. It has a great effect to promote workplace improvement.

strong point of product
The shape of this product can be changed by heating for any number of times. First you are using this product as scratch-resistant cover for the present manufacturing.
Then, you can use the same product for the next manufacturing by changing the shape. This has the lower surface hardness than PP and ABS, so many manufacturers are using our product for scratch-resistant cover for those type of operation.
delivery record
many manufactueres including domestice automobile manufactuer, motorbike manufacturer
purpose of use,
business category,
It is mainly used to improve the workplace of manufacturers. Because it is made of urethane, it should be used indoor. Right now many manufacturing factories of such as transport equipment, electronics, food and medical devices are using our product.

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