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Industry&Technology Bacteria Self-cheker mil-kin

It is the generation which we can see the fungus on the scene

basic performance of bacteria self-checker "mil-kin" : It can detect more than 1μof fungus or dirt. It is compact and light weight for easy carrying. It can be used anywere with drip and dust-proofing function. It runs on two size AA batteries and there is no power cord neccesary. It is easy to operate. No prepared specimen is needed and it can be taken into the food processing factory. Since the fungus or dirt will be displayed on the smart phone, many people can share the information at the same time. The system uses the camera function of smart phone and it is easy for saving and sharing the data. It only requires small running cost.

strong point of product
bacteria self-checker "mil-kin" can visualize the fungus and dirt by 1. extraction 2. putting on 3. watching. By attatching smart phone to the device, you can shoot the fungus and dirt by the camera of smart phone and share the information easily. It is easy to operate by anybody becuase there is no expertise or special education needed of its operator. No prepared specimen is needed so it can be taken into the food processing factory to know if the cleaning or sterile filtration are properly done on the scene. The running cost is very small. We think that if "mil-kin" is used at the food processing factory as bygiene control tool, we can contribute to the improvement of public sanitation in food industry.
delivery record
We have orders from food processing company, medical industry (dentistry), research institute
purpose of use,
business category,
restarurant, dentistry, obstetrics and gynecology, inspection company, animal industry, consultant, educational institution, fishery, agriculture, veterinarian, pet shop, nursing care industry and others

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    Bacteria Self-cheker mil-kin

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