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Industry&Technology Electrical discharge machine,Copper electrode

Wall thickness is 50 microns! Thin wall! Perfect round! New ideas for large diameter electric discharge machining electrode.

Our products are suitable for precision thin groove processing on circular arcs and as much as possible to suppress the roughness of the machined surface. For example, in the case of cutting, worn out and breakage of the blade is large in order to perform thin groove processing, and blade marks remain on the processed surface. A commercially available pipe electrode for electric discharge machining is specially customized as an electrode with a large diameter exceeding φ 3.0, but as it is, it has poor circularity and the plate thickness is also generally 0.1 mm or more so that it is not suitable for thin groove processing for the large diameter. Laser processing takes too much time. On that point, our company's large diameter pipe electrode can be sized from φ 3.0 to φ 10.0 or more, board thickness is 0.05 mm as standard, and the thinner pipe electrode is also possible, and have made products with very high perfect round possible. This makes us to provide precise accurate thin groove processing possible.

strong point of product
It is a pure copper pipe electrode by the electric casting. We have put the high perfect round in practice with the board thickness of 0.05 mm or less, the port diameter is or equal to φ3.0 mm. When applying this pipe electrode, it makes possible to process the accurate thin grooves which was being impossible till now.  
delivery record
Used as a part of processing engine for diesel gasoline (mass production) at the customers’ domestic and overseas production sites / as the air vent for part of the mold.
purpose of use,
business category,
It is used as a fine flow path for oil, liquid, and gas.