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E-ticket that can be bought by the person him/herself with his/her own voice at any where in the world.

1. Prohibition of resale: Identify a person via voice recognition and limit the use to him/herself.
- Protect fan activities, culture, and economic activities of music, drama, and sports fans, and take back the profit which should originally belong to artists and their related parties.
-Cut off an untransparent flow of fund through a reselling act to avoid financing the anti-social forces.
2. Contents: Provision of contents linked to a concert
- By mixing the concert with varieties of plays (contents) that warms up the concert, provide a new value by fusioning the concert and and a daily life.
3. Cross-border EC
Japanese ticket purchases from abroad, multi-languages services
- The number of foreigners visiting Japan is increasing year by year, so we make the base to allow them purchase tickets such as Olympic games from abroad and experience events in Japan.

strong point of product
Competitive advantage : An innovative system of IoT age which cannot be copied by any other competitors, which comes with a system which can be used by the very person only for smooth communication between a promoter and users, by combining the ticket authentication algorithm developed by Mintomo and the voiceprint recognition technology with a reliability and a proven track record for its nuance.
Merit for ticket purchasers:
-Tickets are equally available for purchase.
-No need to line up as it saves time for ID confirmation.
-Easu access to the concert information.
-You can enjoy a concert more with concert-linked contents.
Host's merit:
-Opportunity loss can be avoided as a resale can be avoided.
-Easy reception as it saves time for ID confirmation.
-Relatively cheaper cost of information transmission without creating its original apps.
-Linked contents can be provided.
-Can be used as tool to communicate with the users.
-The ticket sales fee is cheaper than other services.
delivery record
1 contract deal through seminar advertisement, other deals are currently under negotiation.
purpose of use,
business category,
Concert/ Sports event promoter. ID check for attendance and absence. Notification of trade fair/exhibition. Event notification of seminars/ symposiums.

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