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Industry&Technology Onnet Integrated Business Series (Sales, Procurement, Inventory, Man-hour, Production Management)

Sales, inventory, purchases and production can be controlled anywhere, anytime with a PC and internet access

strong point of product
We offer mainframe business-level systems that used to run on general-purpose machines on a monthly fee basis. All you need is a PC and internet access to operate in cloud environment - no need for multipoint connection or expensive communication facilities. It is self-developed and can be modified or expanded freely. It has been on the market for 5 years for use in inflight shopping, trading companies and retailers.
purpose of use,
business category,
We offer in cloud environment, mainframe business systems (sales, procurement, inventory, etc.) that used to run on general-purpose machines (several hundred million yen) and business computers (several tens of million yen). The service is available safely from your PC, anywhere in the world on a monthly fee basis. We will connect to the service from the Exhibition site to demonstrate the actual operation screens. Database items will be fully disclosed for additional development and customization.