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Industry&Technology Under 500,000 yen! Super easy evaluation device of particle diameter/BET specific surface area

Amazing! Under 500,000 yen!! We developed an evaluation device of BET specific surface area!!!

strong point of product
The price of a BET specific surface area measurement device usually ranges between 3 million and 5 million yen, and the time required for measurement is around half a day to a whole day, but our device is sold for under 500,000 yen and it can complete measurement within 10 minutes.
purpose of use,
business category,
In the development of powder materials and their quality control, it is oftentimes necessary to quickly know the difference between target or standard values and the actual particle size and specific surface area. Our company’s device is capable of measuring particle size and specific surface area at super low cost, super easily and super quickly, and it is suitable for the development work and quality control of companies that use powder materials.