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Green&Community Domestically Produced Natural Paint: U Oil Super Hard (exclusive for outside woods)

Proposed for the Olympics in Japan! With highly weather-resistant paints for outdoor woods, using natural materials

strong point of product
The market of exclusive paints for outdoor woods is a mature market which has three major disadvantages of: "only petroleum-based paints, disgusting smell, and easily peeling" for long periods. Our product is a revolutionary paint which uses natural materials, has almost no smell, and moreover, has weather resistance for approximately 4 years. Amid calls for use of domestically produced materials for the Olympics in Japan, we propose our safe and highly weather-resistant natural paints produced domestically.
purpose of use,
business category,
While there is a lot of needs for outdoor wood painting, many of the paints for use in the painting are almost all petroleum-based paints which have many problems such as disgusting smell and moreover peeling after 1 to 2 years (low weather resistance). Our product is an exclusive paint for woods, which achieves high weather resistance almost without any smell with the use of natural materials. The product is safe for humans and environments, and also excellent in workability and weather resistance.