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Aluminum hot chamber dye cast machine -Next generation metal hybrid goosenecks-

- Aluminum die-cast, which casting used to be difficult with the existing hot chamber method of die-cast machine, can be realized with HA100A.-
Die-cast is a casting method to pour molten metal into a mold at high-speed and under high pressure to manufacture a metal part.
This machine incorporates the hot chamber method amongst other die-cast casting methods and manufactures the aluminum die-cast products (parts).
The hot chamber method, where
Since aluminum molten metal melts steel, the hot chamber method, where an injection mechanism with steel is dipped in the molten metal, was said to be impossible to realize. On the contrary, this machine incorporates a solvent loss material called "Tokenaito" to the injection consumable parts called goosenecks, and has realizes an aluminum die-cast with the hot chamber method. Also, in the injection mechanism, a seamless control is performed by our electric injection mechanism for further enhancement of the life of consumer parts and product quality.

strong point of product
The hot chamber method has an injection mechanism inside the molten metal, so it has less entrainment of air in comparison to the cold chamber method to cast a good material with quality molten metal quality into a mold.
According to the component analysis with a test piece, the content of gas has resulted to be less than 1/4 of the cold chamber method, and it has shown an excellent value for its stretch. With this, a further quality enhancement and dealing with complex form become available.
Also, the hot chamber method has a fewer change change in temperature of the molten metal than that of a cold chamber method, and it could keep the retention temperature low for energy conservation.
In addition, it can cast the aluminum molten metal with no temperature drop as it does not involve with water heating operation with a water heater.
Therefore without requiring an excessive injection force, it can cast at low casting pressure and injection speed.
It will reduce the dissolve loss of a mold or heat crack and lead to the long-life of molds.
delivery record
Since it is a newly developed machine, we do not have an actual delivery history at the moment. Currently, the R&D is conducted with 2 actual prototype machine internally.
Also, upon customer's request, we use customer's metal mold to perform casting test and product prototyping in parallel with the machine endurance test.
purpose of use,
business category,
By entering into the aluminum die-cast market, which used to be the main production in the cold chamber method, we believe that we can assist manufacturers/die-casters that especially cast complex form of products which used to be difficult to cast with the cold chamber method, small products, and those products that require further quality enhancement.