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Industry&Technology Cushion-Controller Quick One hand Fitting

By developing our new mechanism, cylinder cushion can be adjusted with one needle!

There are φ4, φ6, φ8, φ10 sizes of the connection port, and there are variations such as the installation method according to the customer's specification and also panel mounting type (Ideal for concentrated control of multiple cylinders) · Cylinder direct attachment type (the speed of the control device is fixed) · The relay type (it can be connected to the middle of the air tube, and the joint part is free for 360 degrees because the direction is free). In addition, it is possible to select three types of areas according to the cushion area of the cylinder. Also, after air interruption, when restarting, piston rod and other protrusion prevention features are also attached.

strong point of product
It is a pneumatic device, which realizes two stages of cylinder speed and can control like the shock absorber. By fixing the second stage deceleration speed of the cylinder, it is possible to set by simply adjusting one switching timing adjustment needle arbitrarily. The first stage of the cylinder speed is the direct flow rate at high speed; the second stage the deceleration setting by flow control. By shortening cycle time, we contribute to the improvement of production volume and growth of productivity.
delivery record
To the line equipment of the food manufacturer, we used oil dampers in the past, but we adopted our clean cushion controller to the place we were having trouble with dripping due to oil leakage.
purpose of use,
business category,
It is mainly for machinery equipment and line equipment, which require stopping durability of cylinders and users who do not like oil, but it is ideal for companies wanting to reduce the total cost of users who want to simplify the design of mechanical equipment widely.

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