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Industry&Technology Plating primer Metalloid and products it has been used on

Set your products apart with a 3D-printer plating mass production process.

strong point of product
Metalloid is a first-of-its-kind technology that has two industrial design patents and five patents. Also, since it is employed by automotive component companies, it is a proven mass production technology. Of particular note is that it eliminates hexavalent chromium waste from resin plating, and makes it possible to be free of insulation coating. We have several grades of Metalloid to suit your purposes, so please try it out.
purpose of use,
business category,
Thanks to the combination of Metalloid and printing, mass production has become possible, which wasn't true with conventional methods. Pad printing makes 3D plating on transparent PCs possible, and with flexography, wiring circuits can be created using roll-to-roll processing. In addition, since plating can be firmly adhered to engineering plastics, plating can be applied to environments that require engineering plastics.