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Health&Welfare Save Beaujolais! Learn live-saving rescue methods from Beaujolais

Animated character used by fire-fighting, medical institutions, schools and government agencies throughout Japan

strong point of product
We own a character named Beaujolais who is strongly associated with socially beneficial areas of fire-fighting, emergency and life-saving rescue training. In addition, we run a website with many users including local municipalities, in which our animated characters provide explanation on services and products and offer enlightenment contents. As copyright owner, we have the right to plan and manufacture enlightenment-related goods.
purpose of use,
business category,
We "raised" a character that is known throughout Japan in the areas of fire-fighting, emergency and life-saving rescue training. Going forward, we hope to expand our coverage and offer users communication enlightenment tools in medical fields. The same character appears in schoolbooks on disaster prevention, and we wish to expand the usage in this area as well.