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Health&Welfare Pico Ammeter iDCseries

The Pico Ammeter rapidly measures the 8 digit D range

strong point of product
This product sends and displays to a PC 5 significant digits for the measurement value with the 8 digit D range. The smallest resolution for the four models are ±100μA/1pA for iDC12, ±10μA/100fA for iDC13, ±1μA/10fA for iDC14, and ±0.1μA/1fA for iDC15.
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The optical diode used for intensity measurements of weak light and soft X-rays generates a current with large output fluctuations from nA to fA. In the past the current was measured with a D range 5.5 digit electrometer while switching between ranges. This product uses a newly developed high-speed automatic switching circuit to smoothly measure the D range to 8 digits.

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