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Health&Welfare O2&CO2 Density Controller

OXYCO2 generates a low-oxygen atmosphere without a nitrogen canister

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Conventional methods of supplying culture atmosphere have used a mixed gas canister with 5%O2&5%CO2 added to nitrogen, or a device that mixes air and CO2 with the 100% nitrogen of a canister. This product uses a hollow fiber filter made of polyimide resin to generate low-oxygen atmosphere from the compressed air of the compressor, and adding CO2. In this way, cell culture atmosphere is generated and supplied.
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In order to cultivate mammal cells, a 5% CO2 atmosphere is supplied to the space above the culture solution to keep the pH of the culture constant. In addition, for the process of generating fertilized eggs, you need to not only supply 5% CO2, but also reduce oxygen concentration to 5%. This device generates a 5% O2/ 5% CO2 atmosphere and supplies it for cell cultivation.

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