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Health&Welfare EXSURG. for Surgery Training

A good cost performance surgery practice model better than using animals

The blood vessel model can use micro anastomosis under a microscope, suture used in clinical use. Kidney model can train tumor blood vessel clipping and real stitching in addition to identification of tumor position using ultrasonic echo and marking of resection line using electro cautery.

strong point of product
The products that our company exhibits were previously made by other companies using materials such as silicon. However, the problem was that silicon does not pass electricity and its feel is much different from that of the human body. PVA (polyvinyl alcohol) used in our products can contain water, it is very advantageous in terms of reproducing the feel and texture of living organisms, and it comes closer to a clinical feeling compared to what previous training aids can do.
delivery record
Our products are used for surgical training in hospitals around the world including Japan, including plastic surgery, neurosurgery, and urology.
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