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Health&Welfare High-performance insole, insole with built-in sensor

Insole that improves body balance that comes with future-oriented added value

strong point of product
Unlike conventional insoles that used to support the arch of a person’s foot, this patented product focuses on supporting the skeleton (cuboid bone and fibular tarsal bone) of the entire foot. It helps form a natural arch of the foot, and this simultaneously improves stability and mobility through the free use of one’s toes. We have been carrying out development based on feedback from users, including Olympic medalists. This has led to the integration of sensors in the insole, allowing us to collect concrete, numerical values of how the insole fits on a person’s foot.
purpose of use,
business category,
Our product has not only gathered interest as a high-performance insole, but it is anticipated for use in many different sectors including long-term care and healthcare by mounting various kinds of sensors on it. By connecting it with apps and devices, it is also expected to collect data in the future.