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Health&Welfare ActVoice for Pepper

You can use this system as many as you want anytime without bothering anybody.

This training system works as follows. The trainee will see the picture on the display of robot and answer vocally what that picture is. This method is widely used for aphasic patient. It is usually operated by the equipment but our method will be operated by robot which makes many expressions or speaking. So the patient can keep training and enjoy the rehabilitation itself at the same time. The level of the training can be changed according to the condition of each patient. You can choose the initial sound or number of letters for training. It can be operated remotely through computer. So it eanables speech therapist to set up the individual training for each patient and each patient can train at home. Because all the training data are saved individually, the trainer knows the right-wrong judging result and recorded voice to check the process of training or the degree of improvement.

strong point of product
The advantage of this application is that the trainee do not need to bother anybody or can train anytime anywhere because the actual operater is robot. And yet, robot can act like human, the trainee can enjoy training and be encouraged. We have had many results of proving tests which show how the trainee improve the rapid automatized naming through the collaboration with the university and the hospital. This system has new function which can point out the mistake of trainee when the trainee can not speak out collectlly. It became possible because this system will forecast the typical mistakes which aphasic patient tends to make. We will keep accumulating the data and will improve the training results by collecting more mistakes of trainees.
delivery record
Many hospitals and private rehabilitation facilities are using our system. It is meant for speech training but it is used for not only by aphasic patients but also by aged people as exercise.
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hospitals with rehabilitation section and private rehabilitation facilities and nursing care center.