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Industry&Technology Overseas certification registration (application by proxy)

Examples of certification we have experience with: FDA (FCN, DMF), EPA (TSCA)

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To support our customers' global expansion, DJK has experts that are well versed in overseas regulations and international standards that can provide appropriate advice, as well as connect customers with local testing facilities and agents.
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Currently polymer materials are being developed worldwide. When producing and marketing polymer materials in a foreign market, it must conform to that country's supervisory authority's regulations or ISO and ISE standards, and obtain certification. In those cases where you can't figure out the application process, DJK can provide support. Some examples of certification we have experience with: UL, FDA (FCN, DMF), EPA (TSCA), OK compost.

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    Contracted research, testing and analysis of polymers such as plastics and rubber.

    51 years of independent, patent-free, material testing outsourcing.

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    Processability evaluation and prototyping of polymer materials

    We are your one-stop service provider, from kneading and molding to ph...

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