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enterprise identification number : 6040001071675

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Industry&Technology Contracted research, testing and analysis of polymers such as plastics and rubber.

51 years of independent, patent-free, material testing outsourcing.

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We perform contracted testing, analysis and measuring work on polymer materials such as resins, composite materials, rubber and elastomer. We are your one-stop solution for everything from polymer synthesis to mixing, forming and measurement of physical properties. We can perform any kind of physical property evaluation, from evaluation of physical properties of new materials, to product quality management. In addition, we will also accept proposals for non-standard testing methods which have no established standards.
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DJK has been specialized contracted polymer material business for over 50 years. As an independent and neutral third party, we have received numerous requests from customers. By outsourcing their research, testing and analysis to specialists, our customers don't need to own testing equipment, or posses measuring skills, which reduces money and time spent.

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