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life changing peculiar insole

This is the high-function-supporting insole which will guide the foundation that upright human (arch) into the intended function. The attitude will be stable just by putting this sole into the shoes. It will produce the stable walking by making the intended attitude of human. We will answer the needs that everybody can walk by their own feet for life time. This is peculiar insole to make intended attitude of human.

strong point of product
The support function of arch is superior comparing with similar product. It is made by special resin to maintain the function for a long time. We also povide a long-term guarantee which is unprecedented. We will deliver the joy that nobody can imagine.
delivery record
Many categories of facilities are carrying and using our product such as department stores, retail shops, osteopathic clinic, day care center etc. We have sales results of 300,000 sets over 15 years.
purpose of use,
business category,
We will introduce this sole to the rehabilitation centers for the gait training of the patient all over Japan and to Self-Defense Forces for improving the function of its members.