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Health&Welfare Domestic functional food materials (sasa veitchii, giant knotweed, etc.)

We provide carefully selected domestic functional materials and OEM for any kind of health food.

strong point of product
Our company provides unique materials, such as domestically produced sasa veitchii and giant knotweed. While many ingredients come from abroad, our materials have long been used in foods and herbal medicines handed down through the ages in Japan. We confirm functionality through human clinical testing,publish theses, and accumulate high quality evidence of functionality.
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We have materials for every purpose in the health food market. We have sasa veitchii for the green vegetable drink market, and we have giant knotweed for the joint market, purple chrysanthemum for the beauty market, ecklonia stolonifera for the diet market, and much more. We can provide various materials to suit your product concept. While maintaining our ideal of domestically produced materials, we can still provide flexible product design.

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  • Product 1 exhibition 2017

    New proposal for manufacturing and development about domestic original functional food materials.

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  • Product 3 exhibition 2017

    We support Made in Japan health food development by exploiting domesti...

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