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We support Made in Japan health food development by exploiting domestic ingredients proved with our original functionality studies.

We have ingredients and OEM product planning for all major market categories of health foods. We can propose various materials based on the product concepts such as striped bamboo for aojiru market, reynoutria sachalinensis for arthrosis market, purple chrysanthemum for beauty market, and ecklonia stolonifera for diet market, etc. Even under the concept of domestic ingredients, we are able to secure flexibility for product designing.

strong point of product
Domestic ingredients such as straight bamboo and giant knotweed are of our original ingredients. Whilst majority of distribution is made with overseas ingredients, domestic ones have a competitive and historical advantages as they took a word‐of‐mouth tradition to be long used as food and herbal medicine for Japanese people. Within the functionality studies, it has also built a high-quality evidence by obtaining a functionality confirmation with human clinical practice as well as a thesis presentation.
delivery record
At healthcare business and mail order business with various business types such as a major pharmaceutical maker, we have proven track records as an OEM dealing with not only the sales result of our own ingredients but also respective health foods such as aojiru/ joint supplement and beauty beverages.
purpose of use,
business category,
For companies that are considering of new product development or new entry into healthcare business/mail order business, we can propose concepts and product lineup along with the market direction and needs.

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