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Industry&Technology Decoration Construction Material “ARDECO”

Lightweight decoration construction material for interior and exterior decoration. Safe and reliable decoration construction material that also reduces damages during earthquakes!

strong point of product
We have obtained a patent for ARDECO, which has been recognized for its novelty. (Decoration construction material, Patent No. 4352051, etc.) ARDECO is comprised of an expanded polystyrene (EPS) base material and a ground coating material for finishing called NEFF (acrylic-based special coating). NEFF protects EPS from UV rays, gives moderate hardness, and enhances durability. ARDECO is a lightweight and highly safe decoration construction material suitable for exterior decoration.
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We have obtained a patent for ARDECO. It is lightweight and has good workability, so it doesn’t cause burden to buildings. It can be attached to both newly constructed and existing buildings. It is ideal for decorating building entrances in accordance with the appearance and store atmosphere, and for changing the impression of the building during renovation/conversion while keeping the existing building the same. We will help you starting from proposing a design for your building decoration.