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Fixed without ceasing, Unwind without cutting, Easy operation to make rope installation more efficient

Fixed without ceasing, Unwind without cutting, Although it is simple in shape, anyone can easily and reliably set up ropes to cones, pillars and the like, which are often used for entry regulation and site setting. If it is tensioned it will never be disengaged, but if you loosen it you can unwind easily. It is possible to cope with sudden layout change such as tension adjustment of slack and other parts of fixing / extension, branching between winding and rope. It can be used for various purposes such as simple gate installation. Compact compared with the cone bar, it leads to reduction of materials and weight reduction work burden can be reduced.

strong point of product
Because it is light and compact and easy to use, even people who are not good at rope work can fix and install quickly. It corresponds also to tape and thin rope. Because it is lightweight and compact, it can be carried and retrieved easily, which leads to improved work efficiency. It is also possible to custom-order goods and options according to customers' usage scenes such as reflection processing, floating processing, dyed light processing and so on. He received the Director General of Japan Police Agency Award in FY2015. Patents filed.
delivery record
Introduction is under consideration for intrusion control at government offices
purpose of use,
business category,
Regardless of the public and private sectors, entry regulation at crime prevention and disaster prevention. Establishment of venue for entertainment and space division etc. by changing the material and size, we are assuming the use in the scenes where rope work is required and the outdoor field, and daily life