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Industry&Technology Flexible Flat Light Panel (FFLP)

Flexible surface light emitting panel with excellent design features

strong point of product
FFLP is a registered design: Design No. 1510025, Design No. 1510211. By using an entirely new flexible acrylic material, which we have developed, FFLP is our company’s original technology that can make curved surfaces emit light just by aligning it along the board frame without any molding of the shape.
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FFLP realizes a surface light emitting board that bends flexibly by performing a special processing to the board face, using a board face that bends in a curve, and by using high brightness LEDs. FFLP emits surface light unlike light guides, making it possible to emit light along the curve of the board frame without molding its shape. Therefore, FFLP shortens time to delivery, and reduces costs because it doesn’t need to be molded.

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    FFLP(Flexible Flat Light Panel)

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