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Industry&Technology Clip to attach saddlecloth

Revolutionary clip to attach saddlecloth

strong point of product
Existing products to attach saddlecloth without using a safety pin includes Run Up used in marathon races. It uses a hook mechanism that pinches the fabric by force, and the gripping power depends on the elasticity of the hook, and cannot sufficiently resist the power to release the grip. The hook peels off easily so it is not used in active, full-scale competitions.Our saddlecloth clip has a newly developed structure that maintains the grip without relying on its elasticity. The structure is simple and lightweight. Although the product is still under development, it is ready for practical use and samples for monitor tests will be manufactured with a prototype mold. We will gather feedback from monitor tests at competition for mass production scheduled within one year.
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Most international tracks and gymnastics meets including the Olympic games still use safety team to attach saddlecloth. Safety pins create holes on the uniforms and the pins are dangerous. By contrast, our newly developed clip to attach saddlecloth can fix the saddle cloth onto the uniform without the use of needles, and stays on. Simply attach this pin on your uniform, and place the uniform between to fastener and button.