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Industry&Technology Digital temperature adjuster monotone+

Handy type with simple and sophisticated sensor

strong point of product
One of the best products in the industry as a handy type. It can be used under the environment of -199-999℃. It has a sensor attached, but you can replace it with other sensors. With dust-proof and water-proof function, it is same as JIS protection level IP54. What is more, as over temperature control device and sensor fault detection device are installed, you are informed with an alarm in case of any fault arises.
purpose of use,
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It is a multi-functional and high-performance handy type temperature adjuster focused on safety. With an attached sensor, you can start using it just after you open its package. Also, as you can simultaneously check the set temperature and measured temperature, you can control temperature safely. Being environmentally-friendly, it is in accordance with EURoHS directive.

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