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Industry&Technology Small sealing machine Compact Sealer; Ledger design software Frame Designer

We deliver on-demand production from ledger design to sending off postcards and envelops

strong point of product
Our Compact Sealer is smaller, lighter and lower priced than any other manufacturers to support SMEs. Equipped with a ledger design software, our product is the only one to provide both hardware and software supports. The Compact Sealer comes in 4 types to match user needs.
purpose of use,
business category,
The Compact Sealer is a desktop mail sealer that incorporates many patented technologies and ideas in order to achieve the compact lightweight dimensions. The Frame Designer is a software that allows you to freely design invoices, demand notices, salary statements and other ledgers used in business activities. The freely designed ledgers can be sealed with the Compact Sealer and processed into postcards and envelops.

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    Frame Designer & Compact Sealer

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