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Industry&Technology nocilis

A soft educational toy that creates images from a variety of alternate forms in hand, such as overturning, holding down

Rectangle is just right! Triangle is a clover! If you hold down the cuddly, caterpillars, robots in various shapes!
A surprising change in shape and soft, supple and elastic texture like mom's cheeks. It is a new design award that won the Good Design Award, Kids Design Award, which took advantage of the excellent properties of silicon materials. While playing, it becomes a training of fingers and grip strength, and the reversing motion can learn naturally such as how to put the power of the fingertip, how to use, the position you have. Moreover, even if it gets dirty you can wash and can play it even in a sandbox, and of course, in a bathroom. It is resistant to heat, so boiling and disinfecting is also possible. Even infants can feel it safe. In addition to changing to various shapes, you can play various ways such as turning over, resting, arranging, loading, in accordance with growth. It is a Japanese-made toy which Japanese designers thought about children's creativity by imagining countless shapes and thinking.

strong point of product
Nosirisu is a supple and educational toy made of silicone. It is a new sensation educational toy that changes shape variously from the characteristics of the material, by overturning it or holding it with your fingertips. In addition to stimulating children 's curiosity, they encourage children' s development, including fingertip training.
delivery record
As a teaching material for kindergartens and nursery schools, they are sold at department stores and specialty shops, and are adopted for catalog sales such as baby gifts. Moreover, it is adopted by airline company boarding memorial novelties and restaurants as a novelty. You can also propose the original shapes.
purpose of use,
business category,
Stimulation of fingers by overturning, no worries of noise on the desks and so on. It is also possible to use them as a rehabilitation tool, because it is a universal- design that can be used from children to elderly, such as children and the elderly play together, Marketability is apparently high.

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