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Industry&Technology WARISAKI(R) Processing Technology

WARISAKI(R) Processing Technology that made possible to reduce procedures dramatically

strong point of product
Our [WARISAKI(R) Processing Technology] is a new technology with four patents in Japan, one in Taiwan and under the application process in USA, China and EU. As it has various usages, the development is done by project basis but the basic technique is already completed. This year, there is a product already decided to go with mass production and there is an increase in the number of prototype development orders. This is the best method for companies that think costs for parts such as forging, welding, thread fastening and so on.
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[WARISAKI(R) Processing Technology] is a processing technology which you can make parts by presswork which usually were possible to produce by forging, welding and so on. Large cost reduction, materials cost reduction were made possible. There is a tremendous number of ways to utilize such as T metal fittings, connectors, brackets, pipework joint components, bas bars and so on.

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