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Industry&Technology 1)KELZ, 2)Monitoring System for Agriculture, 3)Hydrogen Based Renewable Energy Storage System

1) high color rendering spotlight of radio individual dimming 2) collection and analysis of sensor data 3) hydrogen production and re-power generation using renewable energy surplus

1) spotlight for display which is possible to do individual dimming by using 2.4Ghz wireless network. The control is operated by smart phone or PC. It adopts the 20W LED light which has Ra98 color rendering property. It makes sure to light the color of display items dependably. There are four variations for color temperature of 2,700K, 3,000K, 3,500K and 4,000K. There are three types of light distribution which are narrow, medium and flood. The interface is very easy taking into the consideration of the workability of series of operation from implementation of equipment to the lighting. 2) It can construct sensor network It does not matter if it is analog or digital and will analyze the data by creating database at server. 3) Surplus of erratic energies such us sunlight or wind power are converted into hydrogen and stored by feeding power directly to the load. When the renewable energy is insufficient, it will re-generated by the fuel cell and supply to the load.

strong point of product
1) The standard is 2.4Ghz network but it is multiple equipped with a socket for receiving module to correspond to the various wireless standards. It is very flexible for various wireless environments. There are permanent corresponding network type to correspond to LAN and temporary support of gateway type to correspond to control connection. It has data memory function which save the dimming data in the lighting device. Once the data is saved, everytime it is energized, it is dimmed to the stored brightness. The network type can read the identification of each device and by matching the database, it will simplify the charging operation. 2) Analog sensor can form the digital signal for any type and can collect the data just like digital sensor. So it is possible to make sensor network by using the sensors whenever you want to use. 3) Noot only at the time of emergency, It can be operative anytime. It can be used in the combination with the commercial power supply or it can be used as independent power. It can realize the perfect clean energy system.
delivery record
1) Gateway type are used as introduction test in temporary at galleries. In verification test. 2) Monitoring system of Ryukyu University (networking Ryukyu large field, Nakagusuku plant factory, Tomigusuku mango House), Plant factory of education center of Okinawa prefecture, Kagoshima model factory of Ecodesic Co., Ltd. 3) Tokyo University, Kitakyushu University and two enterprises.
purpose of use,
business category,
1)Permanent exhibition facilities such as art museums, museums, galleries. Temporary exhibition such as events 2)Soil culture farming
open-type plant factory, close-type plant factory. 3) corresponding to all the type of industries