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Industry&Technology Tilted Rotation Planetary Ball Mill: Planetary M2-3F

Compared to convention planetary ball mills, our Tilted Rotation Planetary Ball Mill is unique in how it generates strong G (impulsive force) in a short amount of time.

strong point of product
The strong G (impulsive force) generated by the Tilted Rotation Planetary Ball Mill enables nano milling, mixing of mechanochemicals, mechanical alloying, and amorphous mixing, operations which are difficult using conventional mills. *Patent No: 284980: Defoaming, mixer *Patent No: 3088067: Defoaming agitator *Patent No: 3680288: Defoaming mixer *Patent No: 4937502: Planetary ball mill *Patent No: 4873710: Revolving mixing container, pot lid, and mixing method [China Patents] *No. 730860 Planetaring Ball Mill [USA Patents] *US7,744,027B2 Planetaring Ball Mill
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Normal planetary ball mills have rotation and revolution which using slow, horizontal-only centrifugal acceleration in the same direction. Our company's Tilted Rotation Planetary Ball Mill applies inclined acceleration (revolution) which is different from the horizontal acceleration (rotation). This results in strong G (impulsive force) in a short amount of time. Our mill is said to have several times the movement capacity of conventional mills.

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