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Sterilization bag-Portable ~sterilized anytime, anywhere~

E. coli killing test data
Evaluation by the Kumamoto Industrial Research Institute confirmed that the sterilization effect was such that Escherichia coli could not be detected by installing it in a sterilization bag and irradiating it with ultraviolet rays for 10 minutes.
In addition, it has been confirmed that Escherichia coli cannot be detected even after being left for about a week.

Beware of inferior goods on the market
Awareness of sterilization has increased due to the new type of infectious disease, and various products have been released to the world. Among them, it is a fact that products that must be called inferior products are becoming widespread.
According to the results of a survey on commercially available UV-C sterilizers, it is not possible to simply dismiss them as inferior products with low performance. If it has almost no effect, it will lead to infection, which is considered to be very dangerous.

strong point of product
Reliable disinfection with a disinfectant lamp
We use a disinfectant lamp that has strong ultraviolet illuminance and has been confirmed to have a disinfectant effect.
In addition, the inside of the pouch uses a special aluminum processed fabric with high reflective power, and can be easily sterilized with alcohol.

Sterilization at medical institutions
Thermometers and stethoscopes used in medical institutions are said to be non-critical devices and require a low level of disinfection or cleaning. However, the stethoscope is wiped off for each patient at 23% (37/162 people).
Why don't you use this sentence as a trivia to learn a new lifestyle to listen to when you are given a thermometer or before you put a stethoscope on your chest?
delivery record
Eliminates bacteria that enter the mouth at home
In the new lifestyle of the future, why not prepare for the world where it is necessary to remove bacteria attached to not only your own mask but also toothbrushes you put in your mouth, baby bottles and tableware?

Sterilization at medical institutions
Thermometers and stethoscopes used in medical institutions are new options other than alcohol sterilization of non-critical equipment
purpose of use,
business category,
Childcare products (sterilization of baby bottles, etc.)
Dentures to put in your mouth (dentures)
Medical devices such as stethoscopes that come into contact across people

General households, long-term care facilities, home-visit medical care, etc.

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