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Recovery & dehydration of solid matter in liquid is possible !! Once its caught, sludge will not return to the original tank!

■ Submersible vacuum cleaner LAX ? Processing amount: ~ 30 L / min ? Power source: AC 100 V × 0.4 kW × 8.4 A ? Dimensions: Width 350 × Depth 710 × Height 910 mm ? Product Weight: Approximately 45 kg ? Filter type: 20, 40, 100 μm ■ Filtration device with draining bucket N-CAT ? Processing amount: 30 to 100 L / min ? Power supply: AC 200 / 200-220 V 50 Hz / 60 Hz 3 φ 3 W ? Dimensions: Width 900 × Length 700 × Width 1410 mm Filter type: 80, 200 mesh

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■ Submersible vacuum cleaner LAX ? Adoption of simultaneous gas / liquid transfer pump enables suction to be sanitized from sludge that has surfaced to sludge that has precipitated. ? Because it is collected with a bag filter, handling is easy, compact & portable improves working. ? Since sludge can be discarded in a dehydrated state, it can reduce industrial waste and liquid consumption. ■ Filtration device with draining bucket N - CAT ? Realized the introduction of precision filtration system at low cost. It is equipped with centrifugal solid-liquid separation "VDF", which eliminates 90% of sludge of 10 to 20 μm and contributes to quality improvement. ? Continuous operation for a long time is possible by adopting a special tank (draining bucket)! Concentrated liquid from that sludge is removed with a drainer bucket, precipitated and separated in the tank. Supernatant liquid is sent to VDF by automatic control and reprocessing is repeated to realize continuous operation without breaks.
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■ Submerged vacuum cleaner LAX is used in the process of filtering the coolant liquid of machine tools and collecting the sludge accumulated in the tank. For portable types, it is possible to filter several machine tools with 1 unit.
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Because it is a portable filtration device, we would like to make a track record for all industries (food, medicine, chemical etc.) dealing with liquid without being concerned with machine tools. By exhibiting at the exhibition, we will incorporate opinions from users, develop jointly and think about developing new applications.