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Industry&Technology 6 Types of Gold Plating

Plating in colors up to 24 gold and pink gold with a luxurious feeling

strong point of product
We can meet your desired color tone, ranging from 14 gold to 24 gold colors. We can manage film thickness by in-house measurement with a fluorescent X-ray film thickness measuring instrument. We can provide a measurement sheet for each lot for thick plating, electronic components, etc. Depending on the product, you can select an alloy bath plating exceeding Knoop hardness 200 called hard gold. Our pink gold plating, which is an alloy bath of gold and copper, has an original pink-colored hue, and you can use it for various ornaments such as bag and purse fasteners.
purpose of use,
business category,
Our product consists of plating with colors between 14 gold to 24 gold and pink gold. We offer plating of all kinds of products ranging from ornaments, electronic components, to semiconductor parts. The plating gives features such as electrical conductivity, low contact resistance, and corrosion resistance to accessories, bag fittings, purse fittings, architectural hardware, furniture hardware, etc. in terms of ornaments, and to contact points, terminals, etc. in terms of semiconductor and electronic components. We can also handle thick gold plating of up to 3μm.

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