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Green&Community Garbage disposal machine sinkpia

Handle garbage on the spot without carrying and burning.

It is a garbage disposal machine that biodegrades garbage into moisture and carbon dioxide by the power of microorganisms. It does not convey garbage, does not burn, it can process on the spot. The garbage disposal machines so far had to take out the processed garbage, but since garbage is biodegraded into a liquid state in about 24 hours, it is not necessary to take out residues. As long as processing capacity is not exceeded, additional garbage can be added. Microorganisms dedicated to garbage disposal machines inhabit the microorganism carrier in the processing tank at high density, and by appropriately stirring it, biodegradation efficiency is improved and the device size has been reduced. Because there is little odor, we realized indoor installation, which was difficult until now without deodorizing and exhaust duct equipment. Also, since high-temperature heat treatment is unnecessary, power consumption for operating the equipment can be dramatically reduced. We can self-process garbage on the spot so we can greatly contribute to CO2 reduction. We have 1 kg kitchen directly connected type for household use, 20 kg type for business use, 1,000 kg type available.

strong point of product
As a garbage disposal machine, we adopted a stainless steel cabinet that is not inferior to rare kitchen equipment, realizing the beauty and cleanliness that changes prejudice of garbage disposal machines. We will inhabit the microorganism house a microbial sinkzyme that biodegrades garbage efficiently. There are 4 types of microbial houses. Bio Star, Kaguel, BCN Plus, Bio Carrier Plastic are used in combination with input ingredients. Compared with conventional wood chips and rice hulls, they have greatly improved the habitation of microorganisms. By efficiently biodegrading garbage to moisture and carbon dioxide by the power of microorganisms, it is possible to reduce garbage transport cost compared to incineration treatment, contributing to low cost and CO2 reduction. Easy to use, as indoor installation became possible due to miniaturization, installation efficiency in the washing room etc. next to the kitchen improves work efficiency, continuous input is also easy. In addition, it is possible to post it in fermentation and report it in the amount of weight reduction of the periodic report based on the Food Recycling Law.
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Garbage disposal machine sinkpia is a food waste disposal facility, which can be used in a restaurant, a supermarket, a food preparation kitchen, a food processing factory, a company cafeteria, a hotel, a inn, a municipality, a hospital, a nursing home, a school, a nursery, a highway service area, a stadium, a wedding ceremony place, hot spring facilities, ferry boat and so on, and demand has increased greatly.
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Place where garbage is generated. From ordinary households to office