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Industry&Technology High-speed and high-precision measurement device for chamfer dimension on precision processing parts

It is a device which you can measure chamfer dimension of cylindrical internal and external surface by simple operations.

strong point of product
There will be no differences among individuals in measurement results. It automatically compiles results at the same time of measurement. You can record shape and number of measurement parts. With introduction of this product, the transition from inspection conventionally done by sampling to total inspection was proceeded. Thus, complete quality assurance by in-process inspection was made possible and high-quality and stable manufacturing line is established. As a result, superiority of products in terms of price and performance is enhanced and profitability is highly increased. Patent application "measurement device" on July 28th, 2015. Patent application number: 2015-148631.
purpose of use,
business category,
To respond problems in quality inspection of high-precision processing products in the field of aerospace instrument industry, this product was developed by using techniques, experiences and know-hows our company has been cultivated.